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Build A Flat Pack

Build A Flat Pack

The clock is counting down, Quality is on the edge, the prize within reach....Screwdrivers at the ready..Go!

The Build a Flat Pack - is a really unique company event that combines an opportunity for your staff to hone skills like communication, Quality, creativity, leadership and teamwork, with a chance to give back to their local community. From office equipment, new kitchen units, furniture, play equipment and garden seating.

This team activity starts by the formation of several different teams depending on the size of your group. The objective for teams is to find, and build a fully functioning piece of furniture. The problem for them though is that they have no parts...YET! What works well, is that a theme is built in - such as The Apprentice, or a Quality Control aspect, that way teams need to follow a briefing and also adhere to the rules in order to win.

The parts for all of the Furniture must be earned through the completion of different challenges, which can be designed to meet any and all of your objectives for your team. These challenges vary, from classic race against the clock, or team problems, where teams vs teams are rewarded for their results - the more you win the more info you get. Once all pieces have been collected, the building of the furniture can begin.

Teams present their Quality Control inspected furniture or play equipment to children in need from a selected children's charity. eg: Unicef, Make A Wish, Stuart House, Save The Children, Starlight Foundation, Red Kite, Smith Family, Salvation Army, Barnados, Camp Quality or Red Cross

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Team X Factor

Team X Factor

Every team has a wanna be Idol lurking!

In this sensational team challenge program teams are required to choose, produce, and sing from one of the great music classics. Teams can either re-enact on stage in the evening - or produce a rock video to be screened on the big screen.

Judges give feedback - add pointers for team improvement and finally award a winning team(s). Shinning Stars makes all participants have an X factor.

No one misses a beat in what turns out to a hugely entertaining afternoon that concludes with an evening show where teams present their songs to standing ovations.

Your teams are allocated time to prepare and rehearse their chosen song as well as to choose costumes and perhaps organize some choreography. Teams can perform live on stage, or you can have the teams filmed and then screened back in the evening at dinner.

Where would the show be without the host / MC - giving the one - liners.

Costumes and make-up are provided in Shinning Stars X Factor to give teams an extra WOW in their production, plus a variety of instruments to really express their skills.

Both options include awards and prizes, plus a dvd post-production of the teams performances. Dont miss out on this unique opportunity to encourage your groups creativity and team effort!

20 - 2000 participants.
Indoors or Outdoors
Pm session to rehearse or create
Evening, stage or screen and sound.

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Paint it Real!

Paint it Real!

See your team come alive with colour and creativity!

Add a splash of colour to your team event with Paint it Real!. The team building activity accommodates any group size and location.

This unique group development experience encourages your team to learn, share skills, and create while creating something very different.

Whether your looking for a team building event or a facilitated team session to anchor a key learning, creative team-building sessions, such as Art, are so flexible around delivery, that the beauty is in the unknown of what each team can create. Create a vision and then paint your journey, team core values, or how you want to be identified. Brush Strokes allows any team to work through creative synergy.

Guided by our facilitators, your team works together to design and paint an impressive masterpiece that embodies the heart of your team in a fun, meaningful, and creative way. Working in small groups every one participates and contributes to the process.

We supply everything in Paint it Real, except the participants and venue.

Options include individuals working on their own canvas or in teams on large frames. We can film the teams in action, photograph and do post production framing and touch up.

Each work becomes part of a whole art work Team building Activity, or can be used as individual features.

Don't just take our word for the team building program! 'Fabulous, excellent, terrific, fantastic, unsurpassed, best yet' .......Aussie Post

10 - 1000 participants.
Indoors is best.
2 hours to 3 hours max.
Anytime of the day.

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The Big Bash!

The Big Bash!

Experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat during this outdoor event that is perfect for groups of 40 or more.

Remember those days when you competed in your annual school sports day, and how much fun you had?

There is nothing quite like having your team cheer you on as you completed events as quickly as possible. Now you and your group can recapture the fun and excitement and with a team building sports day.

Team Building Australia has recaptured the spirit and excitement with their Company Sports Day event, The Big Bash!

This Olympics style event team T Shirts, uniforms, as well as all the props and equipment needed to have an incredible amount of fun. See just how well teams can work together in order to win.

You may also be interested in our Beach Olympics program, which incorporates many in the same ideas in a beach environment.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek. Mario Andretti 1978

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Outthink and Outplay

Outthink and Outplay

Team vs Team, Guts vs Glory...there can be on one winning team!

Can your team Outthink and Outplay each other in an amazing Team Challenge program?

With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.Aristotle

This program ideal for escaping the conference room, and lets teams immerse themselves explore the local area and experience some of its unique highlights while participating in a fun-filled Scavenger Hunt Race.

Outhink: Each team receives money, instructions and a Scavenger Hunt Map of the local area. On it are located large arrays of activities to choose from, all of which are at different
locations. Teams have to decide which activities are the most achievable to complete.

Outdo: Activities are located in different areas, and each involved different criteria. Anywhere from 6 to 20 different challenges can be set up, depending on the area and number of participants. All activities can be done simultaneously, but the clock is running so teams have to work smart.

Outplay: The central playing area is set up as a live casino, with play table and music. Teams can gamble their hard earned money from the activities they have just played, and risk their earnings to make even more!

The team that ends up with the most cash in the end is declared the winner, but each team with have a fantastic time working together to decide how to play in Outthink and Outplay!

Perfect for 2 hours.
Any location - urban is best.
20 - 1000 participants.
Summer or Winter.
Consider a finale at a beach location!

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Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

One of the best creative and fun team building activities - your team gets to create a Hollywood Movie!

Experience a team building experience like none other, perfect as a Work Team Building Exercise.

'The best team building activity we have ever done - brilliant in getting people to talk, interact, and seeing all explore the company values in a fun approach' Nestle Australia 2013

Teambuilding Australia delivers a premiere team movie programs which includes all the bells and whistles. As one of the first creators of the 'movie program' in Australia, many have copied the concept, but no one has equalled the delivery, detail and content of Teambuilding Australia's program.

'A HUGE thanks to you and your team for the most successful Booz Allen company team building event to date, and to think I have been doing these for 8 years!! I have had nothing but fantastic feedback on your team, the idea and the overall movie and awards night. Anyone from our company would be happy to recommend you anytime.' BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON

15 - 1000 participants
Any location
Any time frame from 1 hour
Great for a conference or product launch etc.

'I want to do Hollywood Movies again.' DEUTSCHE BANK

Each team is given a genre, key points to incorporate, all costumes, expert training and time to create a 3-5 minute movie. Everything you need to make a fantastic mini-moving is included, even make-up, music, sound effects and actors.

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The Apprentice Team

The Apprentice Team

Will your team display customer centricity as The Apprentice Team!

This program asks delegates to demonstrate what it takes to win a customer`s business. Ask your team product focused or is it Customer Driven?

Each group interacts in a new customer market and is required to come up with a solution. They will need to use all their skills, creativity, and ingenuity if they are to succeed! All is revealed with The Apprentice Team.

Teams have about 45 minutes to digest a tender, with key information, to assess and digest, then produce a product based on the customers needs (or lack of). Each team, has the same timeframe, information and access to the customer - what establishes a winning team, is a team that can illustrate, they have understood the customers needs the best!

For the finale is teams discuss and discover some the different approaches they took to solving the customers need. The Apprentice Team activity is perfect as an initial team event, or as part of a program to anchor the key messages around your business.

Great for teams wishing to highlight rapport and customer centricity, vision and the illustration of a teams core values. Teams can optionally create a product launch through a TV commercial or night show for even more fun!

1 to 2 hours in Duration.
15 to 200 participants.
Indoor location ideal.
Access to screen and sound system.

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Can your team work creatively within a short period of time? Can your team position your companies products like never before? What ground breaking ideas do they have that will capture the hearts and minds of your customers?

Picture it, your team is an advertising agency, tasked with creating an entertaining, informative commercial campaign that highlights your company services and products. A two hour (or more) event that accommodates groups from 20 to 500 people. Able to take place at any location.

'The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.' Pearl Buck

Choose from creating a TV commercial, and then your team can get to work. THE PITCH group training game is flexible and easy to tailor to any clients needs.

Team Building Australia will provide everything you need, costumes, props, make-up, music, sound effects and even actors. Each team decides the roles they will allocate, such as director, producer, sound tech, etc. We even have an editing suite to 'air-brush' the creations!

This is a fantastic opportunity to see just how creative your team can be, as well as helping them better understand the company they work for. Fast-paced, creative, and incredibly fun, plus you can finish this corporate training event by presenting the campaigns at night or evening, and then have a judging and awards ceremony.

'Once again a special thanks to you and your team for invigorating Snooze and helping us to reinvigorate our Core Values'

'Again thank you for a wonderful experience' Nestle Australia 2013

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Beat the Tweet

Beat the Tweet

Fast, Furious, twists and all on Twitter live team racing against the tweets... last an work group activity exercise that your team can play at the office - lunch break, Friday pm to get to the bar or cafe, use with clients...endless. Beat the Tweet is flexible to be facilitated any time and at any location.

Created for teams that love to use technology, get out and interact. Beat the Tweet is new and exciting team building game played so that any team, any time, any location can engage.

Think Amazing Race with a hi-tech aspect that incorporates not only fast paced live feeds and instructions, but also ongoing scoring and live feedback, flexibility and Tweets to teams updating on progress and checkpoints.

Involves creative teamwork.
Uses the new wave of digital mediums
Promotes synergy and cooperation in teams
New skills
Not location, time, weather or group size dependant.

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Race Against the Clock

Race Against the Clock

Think Amazing Race meets Survivor...Any location, Any Time Frame, Any Group Size.

Corporate Training comes alive with Teambuilding Australia's Race Against the Clock Race challenge. Groups are divided into teams and participate in a range of group challenge activities. As the day goes on, the scores add up and the winning team emerges.

Teams receive complete instructions and a scavenger hunt map of the local area. Located on the map are various activities to choose from all of which are at different locations.

The race takes teams on a journey to points that they may not have visited prior, and each point has a challenge or task to complete. The entire event is time based, must work quickly in order to come out on top. Team Building Australia includes everything you need to have a successful Amazing Race, including instructions, maps, backpacks, equipment, cameras, staff and prizes.

Race Against the Clock event is perfect for large groups, competitive and looking for a team vs team activity.

Outdoors arena is best.
30 - 500 participants.
Team vs Team.
2 hours plus.

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The Mole

The Mole

This fantastic energetic team game is perfect for conferences, or business planning days.

A game of strategy vs behaviours in teams. ideal at Work Team Building Exercises

'If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.' -Thomas J. Watson

Teams are put together to build an exact copy of a model made from plastic blocks, which is located in a separate location. Teams are given time to inspect, view only, assess the structure and then attempt, as a team, to recreate.

'It is amazing how much people can get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit'. Sandra Swinney

The catch, there is a Saboteur in the room or in teams, their task is to sabotage their teams construction efforts. The Saboteur is a highly trained expert who will do just about anything to put teams out of the race to win the competition. However, teams in order to win, need to 'vote off their team' any suspects.

Teams need to complete the task successfully without The Mole on their team, which will require all of their skills of concentration, observation, and creativity.

'This activity was perfect in getting our people to think about goal setting and strategy vs behaviours and blame, perfect'

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Good to Great Teamwork

Good to Great Teamwork

An addictive, fun-filled game that illustrates high performance teamwork in action!

A huge energetic, competitive team building activity that illustrates the power of 'positive reenforcement' on team mates, A one hour plus session suitable for 20 to 2000 people.

Thinking of a guest speaker to anchor a keynote session - think again!
Good to Great is the best group activity to wake up any team. An event like no other - loud, competitive, financial rewarding and anchors key learning's through group participation.

This high energy development activity will energize any group, and create a room of champions team mates. Through a series of rounds teams, must earn $, by competing in a giant indoor version of target ball - but using bean bags and a score mat. Teams play a game on giant score mat and through progressive 2 minute rounds they skilfully toss bean bags into a score zone. The rounds progresses, with teams charting their performance, and as they get used to the game the bar is raised to see which team has what it takes.

Remember: 'Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.' - Brian Tracy

Fun and educational, this fast-paced activity defiantly breaks up long conference sessions. A competitive team session is held indoors at a conference or workplace, perfect as an ice-breaker or during the 'Dead Zone' - that pm time where your teams attention span is waning. A terrific activity that will energize your companies employees, and get them thinking ahead.

20 to 2000 participants
Access to sound and screen
Indoors is ideal.
1 hour to 2 hours
Perfect as a keynote session - better than any guest speaker!

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Bikes for Tykes

Bikes for Tykes

Have fun doing something thats Socially responsible!

'Bikes 4 Little Tykes' is a great unique team building event, a feel good outcome that combines an opportunity for participants to illustrate skills like communication, creativity, leadership and teamwork, with a chance to give back to a good cause or charity.

The activity starts, by creating different teams depending on the size of your group, usually 6 - 10 pax in a team. The objective for teams is to find, and build a fully operational kids bike. The problem for them though is that they have no parts...YET!

What works well, is that a theme is built in - such as time management, delivery on budget, quality, goals and team performance aspects, this way, teams need to follow a briefing and also follow to the rules in order to win.


* Variety of challenges for any group size.
* Incorporates Planning & Problem Solving skills.
* Illustrates the need of communicating effectively as a team.
* Collaborate efficiently as teams.
* Utilising strengths of all team members.
* Have teams work together, cooperation - competition.
* Enjoying excellent fun in a worthwhile team building process.
* Timings from 2- 4hrs - very flexible on location, time and group size.

The Bikes for Tykes team building activity creates a very powerful experience for all participants, one that they can remember, and in turn, will help them to remember all that they learned during this team building event for a long time to come!

Also consider kindergarten play equipment, and community play ground work - these too can be tailored into a team event.

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Team Trivia Game Show

Team Trivia Game Show

The Team Trivia Show quiz with a difference! A 2-hour event that accommodates 20 or more people.

From Video Hits, to Price is Right, Who's Line is it Anyway to Catchphrase...This is a trivia night with a difference in which teams will be required to solve puzzles and riddles, use lateral thinking, and draw on all their reserves of general knowledge in order to come out on top.

This event can be customized to help reinforce key messages or themes... or simply a great fun night with loads of laughs. The games are a combination of the best interactive participation games, and even include a few unique arounds to key players on their toes. All are involved, we can add in the rewards of Poker Chips, for teams to accumulate, with Roulette as an option to 'Gamble up' and thus increase their chances of a win...or not getting the wooden spoons.

We have teams, building objects, such, picture rounds, music, history, who am I, 70's TV shows, famous faces, who said what, karaoke, horse racing and too many more.

Team Trivia Game Show is an ideal activity for after dinner, or to energize your group before an evening lecture.

Absolutely super we had a fantastic evening.

20 to 2000 participants
Indoors pm or night session.
Conference, Xmas parties, end of financial year.

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The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior

Does your team have the power, confidence, and trust to succeed?

The Way of the Warrior is one of the most powerful and exhilarating teambuilding events your team will experience.

'Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.' -John Maxwell

Using the ancient ways of the Samurai warriors, and the art of Japanese Sword Fencing, individuals are taken on a journey that tests their commitment while building self-trust and focus.

'Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing.' -Abraham Lincoln

The Way of the Warrior activity is taught by a Kendo Master, with the sessions taking participants step by step through the art and skills of Kendo.

Ideal for teams that wish to explore new concepts such as 'Raising the Bar', this team activity promotes an understanding of self leadership, accountability and actions.

The Way of the Warrior is perfect for a 2 hour session, and includes options for progressive learning, extra sessions, indoor programs and tailored leadership. This is a one of a kind experience that should not be missed.

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Team Beach Olympics

Team Beach Olympics

A terrific team office escape featuring a mix of crazy, engaging team-based challenges.

Beach Olympics is an incredibly fun and fast-paced event that lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours, with a grand finale Sand Sculpting contest.

Ideally suited to the beach, this event include using metal detectors to find hidden objects in the sand, filling water containers in order to land flying whirlies, navigating through a beach mine field armed with metal detectors, building crazy boats to float a person or object, and using inflatable beach balls in a hysterical team race.

This activity, Team Beach Olympics, powerfully demonstrates how teams can dramatically outperform individuals, while maintaining an energetic, fun and challenging environment.

Teams learn about working together, while discovering their own capabilities during this incredible day of events.

Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to let your group unwind and discover how they can work together to get things done.

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